Well I'm so tired of cryin' but I'm out on the road again
I'm on the road again
I ain't got no woman just to call my special friend

And I'm going to leave the city, got to go away
I'm going to leave the city, got to go away
All this fussing and fighting, man I sure can't stay

You know the first time I travelled out in the rain and snow
In the rain and snow
I didn't have no fellow, not even no place to go

And my dear mother left me when I was quite young
When I was quite young
She said "Lord have mercy on my wicked son"

Take a hint from me mama please don't you cry no more
Don't you cry no more
Cause it's soon one morning down the road I'm gone

But I ain't going down that long and lonesome road
All by myself
I can't carry you baby, gonna carry somebody else


On the road again
(Canned heat)

Paroles et musique: Floyd Jones, Alan Wilson